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What's Happening
The Inside Story
Who Is TransGas?

Our neighborhood, their target? Okay--but who are "THEY"?

TransGas Energy Systems, LLC, is a private energy development company whose principal is Adam Victor. Mr. Victor's previous power plant experience includes just one small cogeneration plant (79 megawatts) in Syracuse, NY, called Project Orange Associates, LP (POA).

For the Greenpoint/Williamsburg project (designed as one of the largest in New York.) Mr. Victor has assembled an expensive team of attorneys, lobbyists, public relations firms, and "environmental consultants" to pursue State and city approval as aggressively as possible. While he has claimed to be open and responsive to the needs of our community, Mr. Victor's development approach has not included open dialogue with community leaders. Instead, Mr. Victor has been trying to divide the community by offering unpublicized benefits as well as money to individual organizations for the hiring of "independent" consultants--an arrangement entirely outside of the official regulatory process (see Article X process: intervenor funds).

Additionally, Mr. Victor's team has circulated unsubstantiated claims regarding socio-economic and environmental impact--false advertising which has been reported to the New York State Attorney General's Office for investigation. Read on!

TGE's proposed "Public Benefits"

TGE "anticipates" over $500 million in increased economic activity for New York City...

But how will TGE obtain the funding for this huge enterprise in the first place, when other well-established energy companies (such as Sithe Energies, Reliant, and Mirant) are withdrawing or postponing power plant construction in New York, citing difficulties in the energy sector?

TGE "anticipates" tens of millions of dollars per year in energy savings and increased tax revenue for New York...

Energy savings for who? Not us! Furthermore, the Polish and Slavic Credit Union has estimated that property values near the site would fall as much as 40% with the construction of this plant. The overall net loss is likely to overshadow any promised gain in tax revenue from TGE.

TGE "anticipates" that using natural gas will eliminate hundreds of millions of gallons in Mid-East oil imports...

Hot air! There is no substantiation for this claim, mere speculation.

TGE "anticipates" a reduction of air emissions in our community by millions of pounds per year...

Only assuming old power plants come offline if TGE's project is approved. In fact, they have no assurance that this will happen, and there is no likelihood that it will!

TGE "anticipates" saving hundreds of millions of gallons of NYC drinking water annually...

This implies a deal with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection and Con Edison. The truth is, no deal exists!

TGE "anticipates" the incorporation of innovative environmental architecture for the Brooklyn waterfront...

An actual example: grass cultivated up the walls of their 325 foot smokestack! Interesting--but what happens to our spectacular views to and from Manhattan?

TGE promises to protect against consumer blackouts and reactivate the power grid if they occur...

Another unsubstantiated claim!

In view of this false advertising, the Task Force has submitted an official complaint to State agencies that "Although some of these statements could be partially true, they appear to be, at a minimum, exaggerations which will mislead the public. Since an application has not been filed yet, there is no opportunity for the public to review the basis of any such assertions. Some of the statements are certainly premature, since they depend on other parties and circumstances that are beyond TGE's control, such as an agreement with DEP to use wastewater and an agreement with Con Edison for steam sales..."

TGE is required to submit a monthly report with the Department of Public Service, including all letters TGE receives from the public. Contact TGE now and let them know what you think of their empty promises.
You can also call: 800-215-2464
FAX: 718-384-5898
Or visit their office: One North 12th Street, Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Plus, contact your elected representatives now and ask them to defend our waterfront against TGE's brand of energy speculation!

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