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Press Release

For Immediate Release:
August 16, 2003

For More Information Contact:
Edward Vale - (631) 334-8191

More Power Plants and the Boy Who Cried Wolf The Truth Behind the Power Outage

"This would not be the first time TGE has tried to take advantage of a tragedy," said Edward Vale, spokesperson for the Greenpoint/Williamsburg Waterfront Task Force. "TGE filed their preliminary scoping statement to construct the plant less than a week after September 11th."

"Anyone who claims the blackout shows we need more power plants is like the boy who cried wolf and is attempting to prey on people's fears for their own gain," Vale continued, "This outage was a result of problems with the electric grid and transmission lines and had nothing to do with the power supply. If the system cannot even handle the current amount of electricity it is certainly not the right time to add a 1,100-megewatt plant.

Vale continued, "We do not need the energy from this plant right now and future energy demands can be met by re-powering existing plants, renewable energy sources and conservation."

Vale concluded, "This plant would jeopardize the redevelopment of the entire Brooklyn waterfront and New York City's 2012 Olympic bid. It would also increase health problems and air pollution. We are confidant that New York State will recognize the dangers that TGE's plant would pose and reject their application to build it."

The Greenpoint/Williamsburg Waterfront Task Force (GWWTF) is a growing coalition of over 90 community groups, civic groups, religious organizations, businesses, schools and artists organized to stop the TGE project. For more information and a list of member organizations go to: